In this episode of Love in the Time of Coronavirus, I got the privilege to speak with Andy Dyal of Andy Soirees. Andy has been an event planner for 12 years and has been featured in Vogue, InStyle and Martha Stewart Weddings. This episode will talk about how weddings will change in 2021 and will it be safe to start planning your wedding. Also, you'll get some tips and how to get smart on planning your wedding during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Here's the video transcription of my interview with her:

Question 1: 

Is it safe to plan my wedding? 



Yes, that's the short answer. It's a great time to be planning your wedding. I've been getting a lot of new clients lately and I think what I keep telling them is a lot of vendors and venues are incentivising people to start planning again so we can return to this sense of normalcy. So I think it's a very smart time to get in to the planning because you're gonna be receiving a lot of discounts and more availability from people than you may have been used to being with. 


Question 2:

How will weddings change in 2021?

Andi: I think we're gonna start to see a lot of weddings taking place on days other than Saturday. So, I think there's gonna be a lot of Fridays. I already have a lot of Sunday weddings, but I think we're gonna start to see more Sundays. I even had a bride ask about a Monday wedding. So, I think because so many people had to shift from this year to a Saturday next year and the people that were engaged before this already took Saturdays next year. I think people are gonna have to start opening up to Fridays and Sundays, but there's a lot of positive stuff that can come out of that in terms of like partnering with another client that's getting married in the same place that weekend and maybe receiving some discounts and being able to utilize two vendors for both events and paying them once or paying them once in a half. So, again I think if you're smart about it, it's a great time and it's in safe time too. 

Question 3:

Tell me some about safety precautions that you think we might have to enact in the coming years. If any. 

Andi: I think maybe towards that earlier part of the year might be smarter to have a smaller guest count even at the end of this year. So, I think that that might be something to think about, and I think allowing people to wear masks, maybe providing them in your welcome bags, being open to that and being courteous to your guests and their safety concerns I think is a smart way to go about it.