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Kiki Dan-Welcome BBQ-0008.jpg
Kiki Dan-Welcome BBQ-0017.jpg
Kiki Dan-Welcome BBQ-0019.jpg
Kiki Dan-Welcome BBQ-0001.jpg
Kiki Dan-Welcome BBQ-0018.jpg

Kiki + Dan's Bahamas destination wedding was one for the books.  The couple, who live in Brooklyn, flew in along with their closest friends and family for the weekend celebration. 

Cat Cay is small island in the Bahamas accessible only by private plane. With crystal blue waters, white sandy beaches, and gorgeous estates, it's members-only access makes it a truly unique location for a wedding. Over the course of 4 days, Masi Events planned 4 events: Welcome BBQ, Rehearsal Dinner, Wedding, and Farewell Brunch. 


Seeing that the couple did not have a formal engagement session, they requested that I snap a few quick shots at their Welcome BBQ. The above photos are the result of a brief 10 minute segment in the evening. 

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