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Compare Pricing and Service by getting multiple quotes

Just like buying a car, you don't just jump at the first offer that you see. You compare offers and weigh the relative pros and cons until you arrive at a decision that you're confident at and won't regret.

Spend time and thoroughly research photographers in your area and request quotes (if they don't provide the pricing upfront) from everyone who seems to be in line with your taste and budget.


Check References

Once you've narrowed your choices, you can already thoroughly check them out. Read their online reviews, check their posted work online, if you know people who have used their services already, reach out to them and ask, and don't be afraid to ask them directly for references.

Though this process by itself can't reduce the final cost of your wedding photography, it can increase the possibility that you and your spouse will be satisfied with the outcome. After all, paying a bit more for wedding photos that you can be proud of and cherish for years to come is already an investment in the fond memory of one of the happiest days of your life.


Book ahead of time 

Rates are likely to go up or rise exponentially as an up-and-coming photographer builds a reputation year by year. Even established photographers keep up with this inflation. If you sign up for your photographer soon after your engagement or way ahead of time before your wedding day, you could skip your photographer's price hike. Also, another good option is to make full payment upfront, as this can give you a possible discount from your chosen photographer.


Consider Lower-Priced Packages

Some wedding photographers offer basic packages with fewer add-ons and unnecessary extras. But, in some cases, some standard arrangement covers just the shoot itself and online gallery or image DVD.

By giving just the essentials and providing you the flexibility to choose how to order additional ons, such as wall prints or bound albums, the basic package allows you to have better control over your total photography costs and enables you to spread your investment out over a more extended period of time. 


Ask for an Off-Peak or Off-Season Discount

Most couples get married on Saturdays. If you're willing to go against the crowd and organize a weekday wedding, you can try to ask your chosen photographer for an off-peak discount. Depending on local customs, it's not unreasonable to expect a 10% or 15% discount off your bill for a midweek function.

The same applies to off-season weddings in places with aggressively defined wedding seasons. If you're scheduling a summer wedding in Miami or a February wedding in Boston or Chicago, it won't hurt to ask for a discount. That being said, winter weddings are getting more popular, so don't be surprised if your request is refused. On the other hand, there are other potential benefits to weekday and off-season weddings, such as venue and catering discounts.


Look for Custom Packages

It’s easy to give in to the simplicity of preset photo packages, especially if you're in a rush to get ready for your big day. However, preset packages most of the time, include unnecessary services or add-ons. And sometimes photographers aren’t always willing to customize it for you on the spot.

Look for photographers that can offer custom packages. These packages have minimal conditions and you can choose the number of hours of your photographer on your wedding day and get all your images in an electronic format, but beyond that, the deliverables (such as albums) and services rendered are up to you. Also, larger custom packages sometimes qualify for discounts, so be sure to ask your photographer about this as well. 

Avoid Non-Local Photographers

Unless you’re having a destination wedding, avoid working with non-local photographers if you want to save money. Non-local photographers will often add airfare or mileage onto the cost of their services, which will increase your final bill. Even if your photographer doesn’t declared to add travel costs to your bill, they’re built into its margins, and your total cost is likely to be higher than what a local provider would charge.

If you're having an out-of-state wedding, you'll be most likely to pay for your photographer's transportation and hotel. It's more financially wise to look for a wedding photographer within the same area or state of where you will have your wedding.


Fine Tune Your Photographer’s Hours

Some photographer packages include a specific number of hours that usually goes from four to seven hours. Before hiring and choosing your package, determine how long they need to be present at your wedding. You would want to capture important points or moments such as your walk down the aisle, exchange of vows, post-ceremony procession and the cake cutting. But do you really need professional shots of your rehearsal dinner or the later stages of your reception party?

Choose your package properly, and don’t be shy to ask for modifications. 

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