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Cat Cay Bahamas Wedding

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Kiki and Dan celebrated their love at a beautifully stylish venue in the Bahamas, the Cat Cay Yacht Club. This is a private island in the Bahamas that was developed by the bride's grandfather. The story goes that following Hurricane Betsy, the bride’s grandfather was standing on neighboring island Bimini and spotted the other island in the distance. Kiki’s father told us of how he, as a 10-year old boy, took a boat to check it out and found himself standing in the middle of a defunct golf course with grass waist high and devastated homes surrounding them. Fast forward decades later and the island now serves as the vacation home to Jimmy Buffet and many other notable residents. On the night of the rehearsal dinner, Kiki's mom told a poignant speech about how as a little girl the bride always wanted to get married barefoot with her toes in the sand. So, seconds before entering the chapel, kiki tossed her sandals to the side.


The venue itself is so elegant, and has a laid back tropical vibe to it. And because of this the couple chose to keep the décor simple and minimalist. So instead of the traditional pew arrangements on the church, masi events lined the isle with hints of greenery and orchids from wildflowers Bahamas to go with the beautiful look of the chapel.

On the reception, guests and family were greeted by a serene tropical design with beautiful leafy centerpieces from wildflowers Bahamas matched with the beautiful music played by Tropics Entertainment. The table setting also looked effortlessly beautiful with Pialisa's dinnerware on top of Nuage Design Inc's blue linens. 

Here's the complete list of vendors for this event:

Planning & Design: Masi Events | Venue: Cat Cay Yacht Club Bahamas | Make Up Artist: Carolyn Jones Makeup | Florals: Wildflowers Bahamas | Music & Entertainment: Tropics Entertainment | Rentals: Pialisa | Linen: Nuage Design Inc. | Cake: Lady M Confections Official 

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