Kat + Nick were a saavy and down-to-earth couple (my favorite kind). During our session, we joked about the "romantic" start to their relationship.

The Florida natives met through mutual friends while living in NYC. Said friends naturally thought the 2 might hit it off. Yet, when Kat announced she was from "Miami" (aka Boca Raton), Nick wasn't having it, saying she wasn't really from Miami. 

While the 2 started off on the wrong foot, fortunately, their equally smart friends encouraged them to give it another try. It only took 1.5 years of convincing, but thankfully, the duo were willing to start anew. 

Now, here we are in anticipation of their wedding at Ocean Reef in Key Largo with planning by Andi Soirees. I'm so looking forward to their wedding, mainly because they have a cool and lighthearted way about them, which always makes for a fun day. 

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