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Josh's proposal to Liz began with a dinner with friends and Josh's lost contact. Well, technically, Josh never lost his contact. The story goes a little something like this.


A group of friends are enjoying a relaxing and romantic dinner, when suddenly, Josh drops to the floor complaining he can't see. Frantic, Liz jumps in and begins searching the ground around their table. Meanwhile, Josh pops up - ring in hand - nearly knocking his head against Liz's nose! That would have surely resulted in a comedic moment worthy of The Three Stooges. Fortunately, Josh missed Liz's nose (and a gamekiller proposal move), and all was right in the world. 

Liz and Josh are looking forward to their December nuptials at La Playa Beach + Golf Resort in Naples, FL. With planning by Stephanie Meiser of Along Came Stephanie, the couple are pulling design inspiration from their Floridian roots. It will be a mix of vibrant and chic - just like the Sunshine State. Pops of bright pink florals and greenery will compliment Palm Beach elegant whites. 


Before the big day, we met up to conduct the couple's engagement session on Florida's West Coast. The pair chose the location of their engagement session for sentimental reasons. Liz's family owns a home on Little Hickory Island, and our photo shoot was actually shot in their backyard! Josh, a golf pro, is not a fan of photo shoots (does this remind any readers of their fiancé?), so I brought a few beers as a peace offering. I'm glad to say that 6 pack really paid off - the pair really couldn't be cuter together; they have a natural and sincere love, which is a pleasure to witness and capture.

As a wedding photographer, I talk a lot about connection. Connection and chemistry are critical components to any successful shoot. They take your photos from nice to frame-worthy.

So how do you establish connection? 1. Hire a talented photographer (*ahem*); 2. Get lost in the moment and forget your photographer is even at the shoot; 3. Have fun!

Planning: Along Came Stephanie | Location: Little Hickory Island State Park  | Film: Film Supply Club | Scans: Richard Photo Lab

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