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In this episode of love in the time of Coronavirus, I'm joined by Make-up artist, Mia Farah of Mia Farah Beautique and we'll talk about how COVID-19 has influenced the pricing of their business and as well as how the pandemic has changed the make-up industry. So, to know further about these pressing topics, lets dig right into the video with this transcription of my conversation with here. 

Question number 1: 

Can you tell me a little bit about how COVID-19 has changed your industry, the make-up industry specifically?


Well, it has definitely changed our industry because now we have higher regulations when it comes with sanitary procedures. So, now we're required to not only take the temperature of our client, but also ask him to sign a waiver and wear the protective materials required by the CDC and it's also limiting the amount of clients that we could get. 


Question number 2:

How does this influence the pricing of your services as a result of that?


It's definitely affected us since we now have more cost, we have to buy masks and this cleaning materials and then we have to clean prior to the client after, that also limits the amount of time we have to complete in terms of clients in a day. So, it's affecting us in a way that we have to spend more money but we're not able to make as much so you're definitely going to see a service charge in addition to the fees moving forward through the COVID.

Question number 3: 

Obviously we've been in such a lot of reschedules which can be presumed in a negative light or positive light, how have you seen the COVID-19 situation?  


I've actually seen this in a positive way because I've had a few weddings during COVID and what I've gotten to appreciate is that the couple really gets to focus on their ceremony and they really guilt-free able to enjoy an intimate interaction with their loved ones.

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