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Baby Jack loves the camera, and it's obvious that the camera loves him! Posing with his trusty sidekick, Walter the rescue dog, we had a fun 30-minute session to celebrate his 6 month milestone. 

If you are thinking about capturing portraits of your little one, don't think twice! The time really does fly by before you know it. Here are the important milestones you will want to capture. 

  1. ​Newborn photography session: Call your photographer well in advance of the birth. Photos should be taken within 7-10 days post-birth. 

  2. Head lift/3 month photography session: More important than the timeline is the milestone. You want to schedule this session for when your baby can comfortably lift his/her head and rest on his arms for a few seconds. 

  3. Sitting/6 month photography session: To be scheduled once your baby can sit independently by him/herself. The longer the better!

  4. Standing/9 month photography session: During this session, the baby should be able to comfortably grab on to an item such as a chair or sofa and hold him/herself up for at least 10 seconds.

  5. Walking/12 month photography session: This is a great session for the entire family and is beautiful if photographed outdoors. 

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