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This newborn photography session took place on a dreamy and foggy day. Captured on Miami Beach when Baby Jack was just 8 days old, we had a few guests cameos from Walter the rescue pup and Jack's Grandmother. 

When planning your newborn photography session, it's smart to invite key family members to participate. Not only are extra hands on set to help out during diaper and outfit changes, but it also creates a lifetime memory for baby and guest. 

Here are a few additional tips: 

1. Pick a color palette, and be sure it is consistent in all imagery. Everything from the parent's clothing to the dog's collar to the furniture! 

2. Schedule your session 7-10 days post-birth. Babies start to "wake up" post-10 days, so if you like sleeping newborn images, pick a date no more than 1.5 weeks post-partum.

3. Communicate with your photographer. Don't forget to keep your photographer informed of any changes in your delivery schedule. 


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