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Newborn photography is one of my favorite photographic disciplines. And, it's even better when there's a dog involved!


I conducted this shoot with Baby Jack on Miami Beach when he was just 8 days old, and I'm always amazed at the energy levels of new parents. Jack's father, an MD resident, joked that medical training had prepped him for the sleep deprivation.

Baby Jack's nursery was full of artful and sentimental touches. Kristen, Jack's Mom, painted the shark and butterfly art piece hanging over the crib. An art enthusiast hailing from Dallas, there was a cool mix of country and city - note the Jeff Koons statue and baby cowboy boots! 


A newborn photo session is a wise investment - a chance to document a brief, yet precious time in your life. When planning your newborn photography session, remember that the window of opportunity is 7-10 days post-birth. Be sure to reach out to your photographer at least 3 months in advance, and to keep him or her apprised of any changes in your due date. 

Film: Film Supply Club | Scans: Richard Photo Lab

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