Homestead Sunflower Field Engagement Session

Savannah and Justen's engagement session in this lush sunflower field was so fun to photograph. I personally love escaping the Miami chaos and heading further afield to more peaceful pastures. 

The field, located in Homestead, is sandwiched between new wedding venues and housing developments. Homestead has seen explosive growth in the last couple of years as more families move out of Miami proper into the suburbs. Numerous farm wedding venues have popped up, including Redland Farm Life, where the couple were married. 

If you are interested in photographing your engagement session in a sunflower field, here are a few tips: 

1. Go at the right time of year. The field blooms in the fall and early winter

2. Look for the best light. Early morning or late evening - prior to sunset - are the best times to photograph

3. Let the field do the talking. When choosing a wardrobe, don't try to compete with the sunflowers, rather, choose something that will compliment them. This way, everyone (and everything!) will shine

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