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In this episode of love in the time of Coronavirus, I interviewed Adriana Cadet of The Creative's Loft and we talked about reschedule fees and changes on contract due to Covid-19. Also, I asked Adriana about the how the landscape of wedding planning has changed during this trying times.


Adriana is originally from Spain and she now lives in Miami and been super creative with events that represent the personalities of her clients. So, without further ado here's the transcription of my interview with her: 

Question number 1:
Tell us a little bit about how the landscape of wedding planning has changed since Covid-19.


Adriana: "Well, I think that we're gonna see more intimate weddings that will go from 50 to 100 guests for a temporary time in order to ensure health and safety from Covid first."


Question number 2: 

What is the first thing that a planning team needs to tackle when rescheduling a wedding?

Adriana: "First of all, contacting their venue in order to get available dates and once we have those the couple needs to yes over like a two potential dates so that we can comunicate with the vendors and be able to see if they're gonna be able to make it for their big day. " 

Question number 3: 

We've heard a lot about rescheduling fees and contracts cost, changes, can you tell us a little bit about your experience with that?

Adriana: "Honestly, we had a really positive experience with all the industry vendors and partners since all this started. In majority of the companies that we're working with, they've been very very flexible and open to offer lower initial deposits as well as helping our couples incorporating new clauses regarding Covid-19, so that they can protect their event and also any future consolation that we may have. "

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