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Venue: Moorings Village | Film: Film Supply Club | Scans: Richard Photo Lab

Stephanie + Derrek opted to venture off the beaten path for their engagement photos. I'd been wanting to conduct an engagement session at The Moorings Village for quite some time; however, it took an adventure-loving duo to take me up on the offer to make it a reality. 

We traveled south one Saturday morning, and while Baby Nelly frolicked around on the beach (with my husband chasing after her!), Stephanie, Derrek and I soaked up the little piece of paradise that is The Moorings Village. 

It's not easy to book an engagement session at here. Historically, the venue was open to photography; however, as it grew in popularity - and was also featured on a "little" show called Bloodline on Netflix - their doors began to slowly close to the public. 

Interestingly enough, the weather gods were on our side. In the sad aftermath of Hurricane Irma, The Moorings was completely closed to the public for several months while they brought the resort back up to code. Enter fate. I was able to score not only a rare photo opportunity at the Village, but also, before it re-opened to the public. We had the entire place to ourselves. 

If ever you have an opportunity to either visit The Moorings or conduct your engagement session there, I can't recommend it highly enough. It's pristine beach and romantically-shaped palm trees make for visual poetry.

And when you're finished, head across the street to Pierre's and Morada Bay Cafe for a piñada colada and a colorful Florida Keys sunset. 


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