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Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

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Roshana and Arturo were way ahead of their time. Prior to Covid, the couple opted for an intimate garden wedding at Vizcaya Museum and Gardens on a Thursday. 

With so many re-scheduling happening due to Coronavirus postponements, couples are opting for weekday weddings in an effort to save money on lost deposits and to effortlessly re-secure their vendor team. 

But back to Roshana and Arturo...their small wedding hosted family and a select number of friends for a brunch event. Caterer A Joy Wallace provided the menu and florals. The bride wanted some portraits with a beautiful prop car, but didn't mind showing up to the venue in her own vehicle. So instead of going through a standard car rental company, she discovered a South Florida car enthusiasts group and was able to secure something more unique than the standard vintage Rolls Royce. This convertible had a sage green top that just so happened to color coordinate with her wedding palette, and cost a fraction of the price. This is a great alternative for clients on a budget. 

Roshana and Arturo are genuinely 2 of the nicest people I have ever met. I work with many clients - some have extravagant weddings, and others choose more intimate gatherings - but one consistent tie is that I seem to attract the loveliest of people, and for that, I am truly grateful!

Venue: Vizcaya Museum and Garden | Make-up + Styling: Carolyn Jones Make-up | Catering + Florals: A Joy Wallace Catering

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